Every day our bodies are besieged by numerous “visitors”. However, not all the “visitors” have good intentions so the immune system functions like the immigration department and sorts out the harmful from the beneficial.

There is, therefore, the need for our immune system to be properly cared for and strengthened for it to effectively carry out its job.

This can be done taking zinc supplements.

With the many vitamins and minerals available in supplement, it’s hard to know what you really need to maintain your health.

The mineral zinc has a range of roles within the body, one of which is supporting your immune system. It’s, therefore, not surprising that deficiency of zinc can make you more susceptible to infections.

The importance of zinc for your immune system is reviewed here, along with where zinc can be sourced from and whether you might be at risk of zinc deficiency.

Zinc and immune function

  • Zinc boosts the immune system and has antiviral activity.
  • It is a very effective remedy for colds and viruses.
  • It helps white blood cells fight infections
  • Zinc is helpful for colds, chest and respiratory infections, ear infections, wound healing, acne, and male fertility

Zinc lozenges are found in the form of zinc gluconate and are very safe to take.

Your immune system requires zinc to allow the development and activation of a type of white blood cell known as T-lymphocytes.

The role of zinc here explains why T-lymphocyte activity is reduced in the presence of zinc deficiency. However, other white blood cells, such as macrophages, natural killer cells, and neutrophils, are also suppressed when zinc levels are low, which further contributes to reduced immune function.

What is Immune Defence

Immune Defence is a complex designed to defend and help your immune system. The supplement is available in lozenge form and is a sweet, aniseed flavour. You could take in to 4 lozenges constant with day to assist improve your immune system in addition to taking the supplement to help growth recovery time.

Immune Defence contains a high advantageous portion of Zinc and Vitamin C, two of the key elements for fortifying the immune system. It is fabricated in the UK, guaranteeing the fixings utilized are of the highest caliber just as having a charming taste.

The reduced activity of all of these white blood cells provides an explanation for why chest infections are more common among older adults and children who have inadequate levels of zinc in their bodies.

Zinc is probably most widely known for its ability to prevents colds and shorten the duration of colds. This is because of zinc’s powerful ability to strengthen the immune system white blood cell, count.

Zinc has even been able to help AIDS patients increase their immunity. Zinc is necessary for the function of many enzymes in the body. Zinc aids in regulating hormones, and it has shown to help to maintain prostate health and even increase fertility.

Zinc can help prevent and heal cold sores. Zinc aids in the body’s absorption minerals, which means it can help prevent osteoporosis by helping the body absorb calcium. The anti-inflammatory benefits of zinc can also help reduce the appearance of acne.

Zinc has also been shown to help heal ulcers, and it can help you maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Zinc – Why is important

The benefits of zinc are numerous. It’s involved in hundreds of different chemical reactions in the body that are essential for good health.

Not only doe sit to play a critical role in growth, and development, but it’s also important for wound healing and a healthy immune system.

Did you know if you are deficient in zinc you may not taste or smell the food as well? It’s particularly important that growing infants, children, and pregnant women get enough zinc.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

Children who are deficient in zinc may experience growth delays and delayed sexual development. In adults, zinc deficiency can lead to poor wound healing, and increased risk of infections, loss of taste and smell, skin problems, such as eczema and psoriasis, diarrhea, hair loss, visual problems, low sexual drive, and infertility.

It can also cause psychological changes and sleep problems in some people.

How do you know you are deficient of zinc

Levels od zinc can be determined by checking serum and plasma zinc levels, but the test isn’t very accurate due to a multitude of factors that can influence the results.

Since zinc deficiency affects the sense of taste, a test called the zinc taste test can be used to check for a deficiency.

Are You at risk for a Zinc Deficiency?

Zinc deficiency was once felt to be relatively uncommon, but it now appears to e more prevalent than previously thought. Groups at high risk of zinc deficiency are alcoholics, people with eating disorders, and those suffering from malnutrition. Certain digestive diseases that cause malabsorption can also lead to a zinc deficiency.

Zinc and the Common Cold: The Good news

A recent review looking at zinc and the common cold carry out by the Cochrane Library, an esteemed source for evidence-based medicine sheds light on this issue.

They looked at 15 studies involving over 1300 people. After reviewing the data, they concluded that taking zinc supplements as lozenges within the first 24 hours reduces the severity of cold symptoms.

As soon as you feel that tickle in your throat or notice a cough or runny nose, run, don’t walk, to your nearest drug store and pick up a pack or two of zinc lozenges.

Reportedly, taking zinc in the early stages of a cold can shorten the duration of the malady and get you back to feeling fighting much sooner.

Other Health Benefits of Zinc

This mineral influences virtually all aspects of bodily function and is even important in the synthesis of DNA, the genetic material present in every living cell.

It’s particularly critical for the proper functioning of the immune system and for cellular growth and repair.

Zinc is one that every living being needs, but is even more important for males.

The health benefits of Zinc for Men:

  • Zinc is important for determining sperm quality in men. A study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility showed that low zinc concentration adversely affected sperm quality in a group of Chinese men – which doesn’t bode well for a couple trying to conceive;
  • Another study showed that men given zinc supplements showed improvement in both sperm motility and sperm counts, a factor which could play significant role infertility;
  • Zinc has also been shown to play an important role in prostate health. Some studies suggest that low levels of zinc increase the risk of prostate cancer, although the mechanism isn’t clear;
  • Prostate malignancies have been associated with reduced concentrations of zinc and there’s evidence that supplementing with zinc may slow down prostate cancer growth in its early stages, but very high doses appear to have the opposite effects.
  • Obviously, zinc is important not only for male fertility but also for prostate health;
  • Zinc plays an important role in glucose metabolism, cellular replication and repair, immune function, and defense against free radical damage.
  • Zinc plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones, especially in males.
  • Calcium in the diet increases levels of a protein called osteocalcin which is important for bone growth and development. Adequated levels of osteocalcin are particularly critical for men and for people with type 1 diabetes.

Since zinc for men is of such importance, the male diet needs to contain adequate amounts of this mineral. Zinc is primarily found in protein-rich foods which makes deficiency more common in vegetarians. Red meat is one of the very best sources, but vegetarians can still get adequate zinc from such sources as chickpeas, beans, nuts, pumpkin, and more.


A strong immune system will help ward off colds, flu, viruses, and diseases. Some of nature’s most effective natural antiviral enhance the immune system and are very safe and promote good health.

Use this natural antiviral as a preventive or at the first sign of illness.

Remember to always check with a doctor prior to taking anything new to ensure that it is safe.